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Hi, I’m Carolyn Crocker (a.k.a. C.C., care bear, Carrie, “Betty”) and I’m creating a blog of thoughts reflections and other different things. This is apart of my website: which is my personal portfolio for you to review. If you’d like to share your info with me, comments, or the like, simply make a comment here or shoot me an e-mail at The handsome website design that will be brought to you soon is by Chris Rowland. He has been gracious to assist me on the creation of this site, as I am taking up with my current web-design, web-content management, web-product management, Commercial photography position at

A little about me- I’m a student on my painstakingly eighth year of college with graduation finally visible to the horizon. I will graduate with a French degree speaking copiously grammatically incorrect French, and Art with an emphasis in Sculpture. Art is my passion, and French is my third. I am fascinated by different cultures, and sometimes I feel I should have chosen my second major as anthropology instead. But time has discovered that to late. It will not inhibit me from finishing a degree that I do appreciate and love that helped me re-establish a stronger appreciation of art with the travel opportunities I obtained and the wonderful experiences I may not have had if not for my French degree.  Among my travels I came around full circle. I found my adoration for the three-dimensional once again, and found my self-stunted desire to continue with Sculpture as my degree. It was like French, I just kept taking classes that I enjoyed and took me to uncomfortable situations that I grew from, and next thing I knew I found myself facing eminent graduation and all those feelings and questions that other people asked me about  my degrees: “What job are you going to get with that?”

So here we are. This is my brief introduction and hopefully it will fall on some eyes that appreciate and understand. I hope that you like what you see on my site. And I look forward to meeting you and appreciate your viewing.

–Carrie Crocker


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