Life In Little Rock: UALR Student Interviews

Life In Little Rock: UALR Student Interviews
October 6, 2010

Carrie Crocker

Majors: French, Fine Art: Sculpture, Applied Design: Metalsmithing, “Super” Senior
Where did you go to High School?
Little Rock Central High School
Why did you choose UALR?
I chose UALR because it was in my hometown.
What impresses you most about UALR?
The diversity. You never know who you will run into, talk to, and learn from.

What impresses you about Little Rock?

The people and their charm.
What are your career plans?
My plans right now are to apply to Graduate schools & artist in residencies. I hope to work by commission, and sell work in Local Galleries and online. I also want to volunteer more with local art groups or non-profits.
carrieHow has living in the capital city influenced your career?
It has made me aware that life is ever changing. Being a self-supporting non-traditional student has shown me that persistence, integrity, patience, courage, and finding supportive people is key to not loosing sight of your goals.
What type of opportunities has living in the capital city afforded you?
Unexpected opportunities that have helped me advance in my career. Most importantly the life experiences that have made me grow as a person.
What are your favorite leisure activities (hobbies) in Little Rock/Central Arkansas?
Hanging out with friends as much as I can, and spending time with my fiance. I love being in the Studio or in one of the many parks in Little Rock.
How have you been involved in community service?
I have donated artwork to local charities & fundraising events since 2001. I was a board member for the A.C.A.C. and President of the Art Students Association at UALR. I am now the Vice President for the new Metalsmithing League of Extraordinary Metalsmiths.


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