Carrie Crocker featured on UALR’s website

I was chosen as a featured student for the Applied Design program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Visit it here:

I’ve been in school almost 10 years working on my undergraduate. As a non-traditional self-supporting artist, that would make sense for the reason why it’s taken so long. Also, I knew that the program i wanted all along, which is the Metals degree, would start at the time of my scheduled graduation. I decided to stay when they awarded me the Joan R. Taylor Scholarship. If it’s free of course I’ll stay! It was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make, thankfully. I stayed on for one extra year, and it looks like I will be graduating in the Spring, keep your fingers crossed. And my work has improved. Everything just ‘clicks’ with metal, especially with awesome guidance.

It feels a little weird to be posting this. I’m still surprised and a little anxious about the whole thing. I’m used to being behind the camera. I’ve been on stage, being mom’s tambourine girl and “band-aid,” but that was different, I was a kid. Or is it really?

The next idea is to go off to Grad school. Now the question is which one do I want to go to and which one will accept me? Which one has a metals and sculpture program? A study Abroad Program? I hope I get a scholarship and a assistantship.


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