New Online Portfolio.

Website Screen Shot

Created a new online Portfolio. Despite a lot of work and assistance from my awesome amigo, with some grunts and some Things that I wanted that wound up needed programming, we opted for a Content Management System for artists to create my online portfolio. I am very pleased with the system, it’s called Other People’s Pixels. Recommended to me by my professors. Thanks guys.

It has been a lot of help. Although I know how to manage websites, and build them, I wanted mine to be simple. I don’t plan to promote myself and do it professionally, unless I’m working for a local company with their own programmers. In the long run, it seems like you need to know both the creative side and the programming side to create a website. I’m happy with the CMS.

You can type in:, or, or and find my website. I bought the domain names, and simply mirrored them to the CMS site of my portfolio. Eventually I plan to turn into my shop site for my jewelry and metalsmithing, or whatever else happens to occur.

I also simplified it from my original idea, which was to show-case everything. I may go back to it later, but at this time, I’m sticking to what I have, my sculpture and metal smithing.


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