Pewter & the Bearded Lady

Oh pewter, your so soft like liquid butter. Why do I get frustrated by  you so? Still need to know it, it’s just a minor hiccup Like Soldering copper to pewter. DIFFICULT> Etching process I love- difficult. But I like challenges. I’ll do what I can.

Right now I’m trying to make a shaving mug for the bearded lady. I like the irony of how if she shaves she pretty much looses her job. To become “feminine” she must loose her facial hair to be accepted in society. But with the beard she is really herself, with the “outcasts” and entertainers of society, the circus folks. The circus of late has been a great outlet for my fascination with social constructs and roles. The same rules apply to the gambit of human emotion, and human interaction, even if you are an “outcast.”

I love watching people, I love seeing their positives and negatives, their innate human ability to be conscious and unconscious of themselves. I’m more comfortable that way, people seem more pure to me, more real.  Like the bearded lady and pewter, we are softer than we look. And some people don’t want to be aware of the fact that they are being observed, but as artists we are. It’s a strange dichotomy for some, and not for others. For me personally, I haven’t quite decided fully yet. I have one foot out and one foot in, and then I spin around in a circle. I’m like a little puppy trying to figure out how to sit.


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