Snow Day

arkansas snow day
Arkansas Snow Day

Before the last semester of school starts, My work week has been interrupted by inclement weather. We have snow in Arkansas, and that is a big deal for us. For me that just means I have extra time to do what I’ve needed to do which is work on researching grad schools, and work in my home studio, and getting more out there on my etsy store. I spent last weekend cleaning it up and ordering my new flex shaft, and now I’m waiting on my torch tips, for my port-a-torch.

I’m a little angry right now because I was hoping to have some time with my fiancé. However he is getting called into work and his boss is picking him up. I was hoping we’d have a chance to frolic outdoors for a bit today. I’ll go out alone, or call some amigos who live near me, and take some photos when I need a break.

Recycling Arkansas License Plate, DIY projects, Recycled Jewelry,
Upcycled Arkansas License Plate Project

So here is a glimpse on what I’m doing right now. I’m recycling aluminum Arkansas license plates into jewelry. Simple and sweet process. I cut up the pieces randomly, and now I’m assembling them like puzzles. I have to use a specific file set for aluminum because it’s such a soft material it gums up the file. Then I am drilling holes and utilizing jump rings for cold connections. I’m going to make some bracelets, some earrings, and some necklaces for fun. I’m hoping to get these in a local shop downtown in time for Valentine’s day.

Here is an image of my porch and the snow accumulation I watched yesterday. Then there is the comfy work station, and the studio bench I am in process of getting all set up. I got my awesome old school drill press that I’m about to try out, I’m so excited.

Work Station
Comfy work Station

Metals Desk in progress

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