Paolo Ventura

I want Paolo Ventura’s devotion to detail. I can only imagine the effort is obsessive, but look at the wonderful event that occurs out of it. When I first looked at his work I just liked them because for the historical nostalgia. The imagery he chooses is a time-period and subject matter close to my heart. I love the gritty aesthetics. Then I double-taked and realized that those are not real people. It’s a model, it’s a miniature, and it’s photographed so well. He takes that few seconds our brain processes information to understand on face value, and then at the last 1/16th of the 3rd second the brain registers, “wait, I’m not reading this right.” Through realistic lighting and photography, a miniature becomes a reality.

I want his new book “Winter Stories,” where the focus is on how an elderly circus performer might remember his life.  His creation of narrative is very inspiring to me.


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