Buying findings at Micheal’s

As a crafts person it’s really hard for me to shop and buy findings at Micheal’s. I find a lot of the stuff is fun and pretty, but when it comes down to it, it’s poorly crafted or cheap. All I wanted was chain, and not to have to purchase it from Rio grande to get it, and pay shipping. Being in Little Rock is tough on the ol’ pocket when buying materials. And I can’t stand the fact I can’t touch and feel the item before I purchase it. The major complaint about going to Micheal’s for supplies is this: the chain links are not soldered together! What? I don’t want my pieces to come off/apart in one tug. That’s just not right, but I did go to Micheal’s to buy supplies…….what did I really expect?

On another related note, I went to Micheal’s because of these upcycled/recycled license plate pieces I’m making. I’m just not happy with them. The craftsmanship on the findings and connections are shameful to me, and I didn’t have what I needed to make them shine. So I’m going to rework them before I plan to set them up for sell on Etsy. I may not be ready for the Valentine’s promotion and sales at the Green Corner Store. I talked to the shop owner to introduce myself and to find out more information, but I will not be ready due to school starting this week and about to take over my life. Insert frowny face here. 


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