The art of Greg Brotherton
Greg Brotherton

“Inspired by human curiosity and the wonderful mechanisms curiosity drives, the forms I present emerge from a disordered mechanical history, often revealed through a dystopian lens.”

The circle is much harder than it looks to create. I love these pieces. I am taking a mechanisms class at this time, and this is the type of work we are thinking about making. I don’t know if these sculptures are kinectic, however, they are awesome. I’m loving them. The usage of wood give this a warmth that compliments the rust patinas. I know I have a  fascination with microscopic lenses.

Right now i’m looking at the mechanisms used in the parts for the Big Top in the circus, but I’m also thinking about the trains and carts. I do not want to just make a model train though. I’m interested in creating something kinetic and useful for circus imagery. I haven’t knuckled down my narrative however. But class just started. It’s hard for me to plan for something I don’t know how such mechanisms work. I have a typewriter that I have deconstructed out of sheer curiousity. I find this guys work inspiring.


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