Today’s Rambling

An interesting article on photographing for craft artists. Her website has a wealth of information. I found this very helpful in researching on what to do about photographing models for either my fine art work or for my Etsy shop. At work, I usually just do press action shots. My photographs are not the best by far when it comes to photographing people. I’m trying to play with it more and learn how to work with people.

Overall her website is very informative, and her artwork involves using recycled materials. Very colorful, appealing, and interesting. I love her sculptural work. The irony in her piece “Measuring Compliance” is ……..fantastic for lack of a better word. I don’t have my writing cap on today to describe my fascination. It makes me smile.

I believe I got to meet her at SNAG last year when I was volunteering, however I’m not as certain. I met a lot of people, and hope to see some again this year in Seattle. I am looking forward to the experience and just visiting Seattle in general. I have not been before. My friend Liz thinks it’ll be: “Love at first sight.”

On another note. I also joined crafthaus, a social network for craft artists. I am very, very excited. I’ve been looking at the artwork on the site, and I am floored at a lot of the artists. This is awesomeness. So many great ideas and so many people creating them. I’m so happy that the internet has brought people together like this. I’m not from 1900, but this is a marvel of the human ability at it’s peak. The ability to communicate¬† and connect has exploded. It still doesn’t replace face to face communication over coffee or diner.


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