Bodily Kineaesthetic

Just finished reading Bruce Metcalf’s article Craft & Art, Culture & Biology. It’s in the book The Culture of Craft. Realized how little know about the politics and philosphy of craft. I got some reading to do.

Anywho I found the article very elating. It defined eloquently how I feel as a craft artist. I’ve searched for the aspects of what is mentioned as the bodyily-kinaesthetic intelligence in academia. This aspect is underplayed in our society, well, unless you play sports or act in movies. It’s accepted as entertainment, but not as “art”. It has really got me worked up in a good way. It makes me wonder if there have been any craft  “happenings.” I checked out the internet and couldn’t find anything yet. I’ll keep looking.

I’m still digesting on my thoughts in regards to the article. And reflecting on personal experiences involving where my bodily-kineaesthetic was accepted and denied. It’s bringing up some issues I have with culture and society, of course.

In the mean time. I am a bit overwhelmed by the fact I have a lot, I mean a lot of catching up to do in response to effectively read up on craft and it’s struggle to be recognized as it’s own art.

It takes me back to when I was in highschool and my opinions of metalsmithing then. My teacher told me to go into sculpture, so I did, because I wasn’t a jeweler. And I understand now part of that was the stand-point of art and craft, and being in Arkansas, a lot of this trickles down slowly. Oh geez……..Well, putting some books on order now.

  1. Myriam said:

    I'm really pleased to know that I wasn't the only one that felt so moved by this particular article.I already mentioned the conversation I had with my boy prior to reading it, but yeah…I'm still tackling these issues.I think most of my insecurities stem from lack of experience? It's difficult for me to defend myself artistically if I don't even have a meager portfolio. Then again, I'm only in my 4th semester of college? But I still can't help but feel a little panicked…I need to get on that, pronto.Oh, since Mia seems to have a wealth of articles about the subject, I thought it'd be cool to have a lunchtime discussion once a week or every two weeks? I feel that could help a lot in our understanding and growth when trying to elevate our craft.This is long. I'm sorry. ♥♥♥


  2. I asked her for a list of articles. I'm up for a lunchie-talkie discussion. I've felt the same way, and I completely understand the portfolio issue. I've been working on that hard-core, really putting myself into it. This is exciting. I can't tell you how much I've needed to be able to discuss the ideas of concept or form. I'm tottaaallly up for this.


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