Chris Ramsay

A world View: Birds
Detail of Moment to Moment

I was looking at the book 500 metal vessels while in the studio and I came across Chris Ramsay’s globes. this mornign Mason, my fiance, and I went to a local antique shop and found some of the components of the pieces that were utilized in this body of work. I Love the idea behind these pieces and the delivery of them.

Today I also had a wonderful critique with Sylvia Rosenthal. It is always very interesting to find out other artists’ feedback about your work and your intent. She had a wonderful saying about artistic intent. “Do I want to create Sunrise art or Sunset art?” And that really touched me in a way that was very funny to me and would only make sense if you were inside my head watching the memory I have associated with this statement. And it ties into a bit with the work we see here. The association in my head makes sense, but once again, this a rambling.

And back to Chris Ramsay. As stated in the artist statement, the components of found objects play an important role in the intent and work. These pieces are in response to the preservation of environment and components from the travels of the artists. Sigh……speaking to my heart strings on this one. Check out the website here:


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