Sunday of Spring Break

detail of John Carroll’s grave

So I’m planning a day trip to Hugo, Oklahoma.  Brad Cushman told me about it a year ago. Historically Hugo was a winter stopping point for traveling circuses, such as Kelly-Miller. It’s know as Circus City, USA. There is a cemetery of circus folk at Mt. Olivet Cemetery’s designated Showmen’s Rest.You can read more about the Cemetery on Roadside

I’m interested to find other things besides just graves. There is a restaurant called Angie’s Circus City Diner that I’ve read has wonderful food and decorum. Apparently there are supposed to be different cars and buggies leftover in fields around the city. I hope to get a whole bunch of photos, maybe a rubbing or two while I’m there. I haven’t found anything about a specific museum, unfortunately, but I hope the city is like a museum. I wonder what other side attractions we’ll see on the way, non-circus related.

Today I’m going to Pinnacle Mt. to walk around and just be outside in the sunlight. Get some well-needed exercise from the winter experience. Come home and take some photos of some more of my jewelry I’ve been playing with. Mainly I just need to have some free time,  at least until 3:00 pm. I’m planning to go to the A.C.A.C. to participate in the Bee Hive Collective workshop.


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