UALR Forum Article

Creative students showcase art, get creative awards 
by Jamila Brown
June 2, 2011

Each spring at UALR, art students win more than just hanging space in the school’s gallery.

A number of organizations from around the area contributed to honor and benefit a couple talented Trojans. Far from the average certificate and pat on the back, however, these equally creative entities provided some of the most sought after prizes on a college student’s agenda.

Jessi Perren, Lilia Hernandez, Kendall Thomas and Candace House Schulze won framing certificates from four local galleries.

Ian Park, Lilia Hernandez, Sally Nixon, Elizabeth Strandberg, Jennifer Perren and Sandra Sell won art supplies and materials.

Starving Artist Awards provided Carolyn Ascher, Lauren Brainard Raborn, Jason Harrington, Heather Harmon and Kelly Hicks free meals at a variety of restaurants, along with free bread.

“It is really really good bread,” Assistant Gallery Curator Nathan Larson said jokingly.

Friends of the Arts purchased works by Carolyn Crocker and David O’Brien.

The university purchased pieces by Logan Hunter, Jeremy Kyle Hebert, Dan Thornhill, Nathaniel Roe and Tim Imhauser, adding their work to the school’s permanent collection.

Jessi Perren’s “Son in Santa Familia” won the Wilma and Jack Diner Purchase Award.

Ian Park won the Wilma and Jack Diner Cash Award.

Senior Lilia Hernandez took home the big prize as winner of the Wilma and Jack Diner Scholarship award worth $1,000.


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