School is out, and I quit my day job. VIVA LA SUMMER! My previous employer has done a lot of wonderful things for me, helped me obtain experience in internet marketing, retail photography, and SEO. However, my heart was no longer in the work for that company. Although I will miss my coworkers bunches. The skills I obtained working for, and with the help of my friend Liz, I have found a new part time job managing the Bernice Garden website. I will be organizing the website, and assisting with other side projects.

poor ceiling 😦

 My fiance and I just got back from Seattle from the SNAG conference in Seattle. My home studio has been a mess over the past semester. The day before we left for Seattle a small part of the ceiling fell in. I love my land lord and the apartments I’m living in Downtown, so as that is in the process of being worked on, I have had to clean and renegotiate the space.

Work Bench

I’m excited though. I’ve been making stuff until late in the evening ever since we got back from Seattle. I am looking forward to the new ideas I have running in my head. I have some basic stuff I’m continuing with the recycled License plates, and I have improved spins on the designs.

well….it was clean.

Banker’s Desk

However I am still looking for a Bankers desk to tweak. I found this awesome tutorial on how to turn a Bankers desk into a metalsmithing desk at this site: FrankenBench. I will most likely paint mine robins egg blue though.


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