First Day Off

Having the day off yesterday was relaxing. Much needed for my personal acclimation to this new schedule and experience. I spent the morning hiking and hanging out with my new coworkers.

School House in Smoky Mountains
Detail of Exterior Graffiti

Six of the studio assistants went to a hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains. We hiked for 4 hours. We saw an old school house and the home of the walker sisters. It’s amazing to  me that the Walker sisters were allowed to live in the national park, up until the oldest sister’s death in the 60’s. The lifestyle is lost on me, I can only imagine the lack of creature comforts.

Walker Sisters Home
Portrait of Walker Sisters above Fireplace
Flowers on the Hike

Later that evening we went to some old abandoned hotels in Gatlinburg and took some photos. The decay was a beautiful site. The pool had a mattress that plants began to grow and root into the synthetic fibers. Eerie and dilapidated, the hotel resonates with temporary memories and a violent loss. I’m finding myself attracted more and more to decaying post-capitalist environments.

There are more adventures and hotels to see. One was inhabited and we choose, out of respect to the inhabitants to not explore.


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