Tank Moving and Art Hanging

Students in James Obermeier‘s class

Filing Silver Ingots
 Today’s work started off @9am. Some small tasks needed to be completed for the studios to add the finish touches to starting the workshops. I moved 4 tanks for James Obermeier with a fellow assistant, Calie (still getting names and spellings, hope to correct this later.) His class, A Spoonful of Sugar,  is creating a silver flatware. Knowing the price of silver, I have a lot of respect for the students to tackle this class this summer.

Polishing  Plexiglass Cases

 After that we followed up with the rest of the studios, then we assisted the Gallery Director, Karen, with tasks for preparation for the upcoming Auction. I was surprised to hear/see and hang Sylvie Rosenthal’s mask piece for the Auction. It was an honor. This past semester at UALR, I was lucky to attend a workshop she taught. I am amazed by her work, and inspired by her perspective. I recently read a book she recommended to me Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson while in Seattle for the SNAG conference. The book had a very interesting technique for storytelling. I’m still processing the read.

Sylvie Rosenthal- Mask for Auction

Later we assisted with the Faculty and Artist-in-residence Presentations. A good night, and ready for a different schedule tomorrow. I will assist with the kitchen and have my first experience closing at 1 am.


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