Repair Days at Metals Museum

So I’m heading out today to go to Repair Days. Me and my fellow metalsmithing majors are going to volunteer our time repairing things to raise money for the Metals Museum in Memphis, TN.

2011 Repair Days Program

Here is an excerpt about Repair Days at the Metals Museum in Memphis, TN.

Don’t worry about a ding . . . because metalsmiths from across the country will be here to solder, sharpen, remove dents, re-tin copper cookware and repair garden furniture and statuaries.  Repairs are done by craftsmen from around the country who come to Memphis at their own expense to volunteer their time and talents.  All proceeds benefit the Metal Museum. Estimates are free and visitors with repair receipts receive free admission to the Museum during the event. 

Fred Fenster is the Master Metalsmith for the event. His work will be in the gallery, he will talk about his work, and I believe there is also a demo.

The schedule if you are interested in going to Memphis this weekend is this:

Friday, September 30

10 – 5  • Blacksmiths on hand to give estimates and do repairs
           • Museum Open

Saturday, October 1st

10 – 5  • Blacksmiths on hand to give estimates and do repairs
           • Family Fun Day – Hands-on activities under the tent,
             including casting, jewelry making, and blacksmithing
          • Museum Open until 4:00
2:00   • Silent auction opens
5:00   • Gallery talk for Master Metalsmith 2011: Fred Fenster

7:00   • Silent auction ends

7:30   • Dinner and Repair Days Live Auction begin
9:00   • Music

Sunday, October 2nd

9 – 10  • Tech Talk with Fred Fenster
10 – 5  • Repair work
           • Museum open

I love going to this event every year! I am also excited because I noticed the brooches I worked on for my internship are in the auction. It is David Clemon’s pieces Specter and Rift.

Specter and Rift  (L) Sterling silver, black pearl, wood and eggshell                 
(R) Sterling silver, freshwater pearl, wood and eggshell         
2.25″ x 1″ x .5″ and 2″ x .75″ x .5″

 I worked on cutting and carving the wood. I also did the eggshell finish (of which he taught me how to do), some soldering, and raised the silver. It was fun doing the grunt work. It is gratifying to see them going to a good cause, I’m glad he did that.


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