Friends of the Arts 6x6x6 Auction

Recently the UALR faculty asked us to donate some work to raise money for the University. The Friends of the Arts 6x6x6 auction happened last night Oct. 13, 2011. I donated three works that I did some years ago while I was still experimenting with my medium. I only had the option of working in Metals when I was in high school, and at the Arkansas Arts Center, until the Applied Design program at UALR.

The Friends of the Arts 6x6x6 Auction

In preparation I decided to revisit 3 pieces that I have held onto for 10 years. I decided to donate these pieces because of my personal emotional attachment to them. They always felt special to me, for various reasons, and I found it fitting to donate them to the Friends of the Arts 6x6x6 Auction.

4 of Cups Brooch before

This piece I donated to the auction. I won second place in the 2011 Friends of the Arts 6x6x6 competition. I worked intuitively with this piece. I took the fortune cookie from that day, a seed pod I collected, and grabbed  a Geisha playing card set I picked randomly. A few years later I found out I made a direct reference to the 4 of cups in tarot. It was fun to make. I utilized the collage, cold-connection process from a Thomas Mann workshop. In retrospect, it fit where I was at the time in my life. I felt like I was wandering, floating wherever life seemed to direct me.


4 of Cups Brooch after

I reworked the patina, brightened up the texture & decorative details, and mended the pod/boat form.  To see more views of this piece visit:

I’ll show the other 2 pieces I donated later.


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