Arkansas State Fair

Got a surprise invitation from some friends to go to the Arkansas State Fair. Excited to hang out with amigos, and double suprised the next day. Now this may not be a big deal to some, but for me it’s pretty cool. At the Arkansas State Fair is the group from World of Wonders book by Jimmy Katz. I’ve been looking at that book for the past year for my inspiration for my work. It’s pretty exciting. Here are some shots from our night a the Arkansas State Fair.

why not on the women’s room?

World of Wonders

Barker with Sword Swallower

Sword ladder


Guinness Book of World Records Sword Swallower

Bull whip demonstration
Blow-off Show
Ryan, Liz & Rach On the Pharaoh
Slide Race

Despite Liz’s trepidation from the Pharaoh, it was a good end to the night. Liz and I rode the scrambler while Mason was good Samaritan and rode with a kid.  John, Mason, & Ryan decided to Fun Slide Race. Mason came won by a toe. It took me until the next day to recognize the sword swallower from the documentary book of the last traveling side show: the World of Wonders.

I think I’m going to go back on Sunday and see if I can talk to them about a photo shoot for an idea for my BFA project.


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