Jewelry by Carrie Crocker 2001-2009

4 of Cups BroochEqual BraceletMother Mary PendantClassical Portrait PendantMeteor PendantStar Story Pendant
Shake My Hand BroochGuitar BroochGuitar Note BroochGrow Bamboo NecklaceGrow BroochPressed Necklace
Textured Glass NecklaceScratched BraceletScratched BraceletShine PendantIndian Rug PendantIndian Rug Necklace 2
Scratch Necklace& Crinkle BroochArkansas PendantCoral RingSquare Soul RingBuddha Love Necklace

I’ve been looking through my old jewelry I sold from 2001-2009. The photos are the best I have to offer. All of these have sold. Which is pretty awesome. Some I still feel satisfied with, and others I feel so so. Learning process can be huge and wide. Tell me what you think, and thanks for looking.

Via Flickr:
Jewelry I’ve made and sold throughout the years. Before I started to pursue metalsmithing seriously.

All Jewelry is one of a kind and made by Carrie Crocker.


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