Began Working on Banner for BFA show backdrop

So I’ve been working on my BFA project and started the construction of one of the backdrops. Here is some photos of what I’ve done so far. This fabric is going to be a backdrop for an instillation piece floating in my head for a year.

Inspired by trains and train hoping from when I was a kid. The bar my mom regularly played at was next to the train tracks. When I was supposed to be dancing on the dance floor, I’d run out and jump on the train for a little bit. Since it was going slow, I wasn’t as scared as my mother would have been.

However that memory got me thinking about the circus imagery I utilize for my metalsmithing pieces, I’ve been wanting to reference trains, and the graphic illustrations of banners. Here are some photos of the process.

Canvas Fabric

Double-stitch hemming to corners

Getting better at operating a sewing machine.

I’m not working at school for this piece right now. I’ve been needing the space and the quiet to work, plus when I’m working I can’t really talk, and I get distracted by the wonderful people up at the studio, and frustrated when I’m trying to focus. So I’m working at home right now. I had to rearrange my studio. I put up plastic sheeting and sewed the 6 ft. x 9 ft. banner. Most Circus banners are within a 54 sq. ft. to 135 sq. ft. space. I do not have a wall that is 9 ft. long and easily accessible, so I covered one of my studio doors when hanging.

6 ft. x 9 ft. banner sewed & hung

Treating canvas with Gesso

Gesso Completed

Samples primed with gesso for testing paint

I will be testing out different paints: Milk Paint, Acrylic with Matte Medium & maybe Tempra. I want to create a worn matte surface, but I also want it to be durable over time. I don’t want the banner to stick to itself when I roll it up for transportation either. Next step is paining the map.

I am also designing the rig for hanging. It has to break down easily for storage and transportation, but be well crafted, and also have a worn surface treatment. 


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