54th Annual Delta Exhibition

After 6 years of applying……I finally got into the 54th Annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center.

The Annual Delta Exhibition showcases contemporary works by artists from Arkansas and the six bordering states. This juried exhibition has grown to encompass works in all media and offers a snapshot of what’s current in contemporary art in the mid-South.

The piece that got in is my Welcome to the Family Chalice.

Welcome to the Family Chalice (2010)
Brass, Silver, Wood, Milk paint
19-1/2 in. x 10 in. x 6-1/2 in.

Each component is hand-fabricated. The piece was inspired by the movie Tom Browning’s The Freaks and my personal experiences of being a musician’s daughter. Those that have seen the movie know the movie portrays the darker side of violation of trust and acceptance. However, on a personal note I wanted to express my feelings of the sacricity of becoming a part of a larger community. The top ‘tent’ structure produces a satisfying sound, being made from a manipulated cymbal when the ritual of sharing a drink from this cup ends and the lid is replaced.

Arkansas Arts Center

I really want to make a performance video of this. But instead it will be at the Arts Center from January 27 2012 until March 28th 2012. I’ll try and do that afterwards I believe. I’m excited because I literally live 2 blocks away, so luckily shipping will not be a problem.

You can see close-ups on my website here: http://www.carriecrocker.com/

I am so excited and honored! I wish my grandmother could be there for the reception, she would be so proud of me. She used to take me here as a kid, she introduced me to fine art, painting, and so much more. There is no way I can express how exciting this is to me.


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