Research phase

I recently have been developing a body of work where i am focusing on the elemental powers of crystals, symbols, and the sacred feminine, and how to express the beauty of women without objectifying them into meer sexual objects. 

Most of the pieces i have developed in my research  and drawings are focused on the integration of historical amulets for protection, beauty, and religious roles of these talsimans, for women throughout history. I am focused on specific archetypes throughout history as well. 

What is the virgin, what is the maiden, the mother, the crone, the mistress, and others roles of women? How are those In context to the representation of the present? How had each arvhetype struggled with assault, sexual assault, consent? Is a woman more than just a sexual object in art? 

What is the sensuality of the farming woman? The baker? The seamstress? The warrior? What objects were specifically for men that vould be reinvented for women? 

What historical objects have been used to represent a womans need for protection? For guidance? For healing? 

All these are questions i want to address when we discuss the body of a woman without objectifying her throughout history. What adornment would a woman want to hide scars from assault? For example. 

What material woulf best serve? Is the nature of fabric and metal? Bamboo and beads? Simple body paint created woth thin metal masks? 

I am excited about this body of work. And i will show tests and creations over time. 

I since i am in the research phase, there is so much i formation to address, however, some of it is overwhelming, but as i take bits and pieces away, apply specific philosphies to address my aesthetic, things will come together. 


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