Carrie (Carolyn) Crocker is a metalsmith & jewelry artist. A recent graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rok with a BA in Applied Design:Metalsmithing and a BA in French. She is an Arkansas resident.

Over the past few years she has produced conceptual as well as functional jewelry design in a variety of materials and metals. Her recent body of work documenting her perspective as a musician’s daughter involves intricate and detail-oriented jewelry, utilitarian objects and sculpture. Laced with a subtle irony her work questions the ideas of dependency, safety, vulnerability, in reference to the idea of family & interpersonal relationships. She utilizes 18-19th century circus imagery and culture as a metaphor for her childhood experience surrounded by musicians, thespians, & seemingly counter-culture individuals.

A finalist in the 2012 National Windgate Fellowship, awarded several scholarships and assistantships, on the Deans and Chancellor’s list throughout her college career. She has volunteered for the Special Olympics, University of Arkansas Fabulous Friday, Society of North American Goldsmiths, Friends of Contemporary Craft, and 48 Hour Film Festival.

She is currently working on a poetry book titled Steak Knife | Poetry by Carrie CrockerTo express her experiences as a victim of sexual assaults and becoming a survivor again.



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